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Mutual Problem - Mutual Solution

You and I share many common bonds. One is the desire to make more hard to obtain literature available and accessible. If your life is anything like my own, you have to learn where and when you can, and audio books are an amazing tool for this. The problem is how much absolute junk is out there in audio book form. The reason is that the same people printing the worthless money are controlling the flow of information and they are the ones paying for all the sewage out there to be made into audio book form.

My solution is to offer the service of creating high quality audio recordings in both MP3 and WMV files. These will be recorded as "installments", when their length reaches 3 or more hours, and will be available, once complete, as installments on one or more of the various platforms I upload to. They will be priced in a way that not only puts power in your hands as far as what you'd like to hear as an audio book, but these recordings will also help me dedicate more time to research and writing for OBRY projects.

To the right is a small list of a few suggested titles. The listings include title, author, word count, and cost to record and publish. This list shouldn't suggest any limitations in what is available. As long as there are no serious objections held by myself to the material, I am open to the idea of reading most books. This allows for any potential patron to select a book they'd really like to see published in audio form. The only drawback to selecting your own title may be finding other co-patrons to finance it, that is if you were unable to finance it yourself. Make sure to look into copy rite status on the book of your own personal choice, as a current copy rite could impede the long-term publication. As a rule, all publications in the US prior to 1923 are public domain, and many published from '23-'67 have not renewed their copyright and are thus public domain. Many non US titles are available as well as long as the author has been dead for over 50 years. This means an enormous amount of excellent works are freely available to publish.

As you can see, by the list of titles to the right, it is entirely plausible and affordable for a single patron to finance an audio book on their own, should they choose. Should you choose a title from the list and are able to finance it only in part, i will be posting how far along any title is until it is fully financed. At that time, the title's color will change from light blue to white, and when it is produced (typically 1-2 weeks) the title will appear at the top of the list as a gold link to the audio.

To fully finance a title or finance one in part, just click on the link to my Patreon page, become a one time patron for the amount you choose, and post a message to me with the amount pledged and title it is to be applied to. No audios will be produced until the full amount is reached and there will be no refunds. If you have your own title in mind, contact me with a link to the text so that I can pre approve it.

Thank you all for your support and patronage! -Jon

OBRY Projekt / Jon Machtemes Patreon page

"Adam and the Adamite"

author - Dominick McCausland

65,000 words

cost to publish - $365.00

currently financed - $0

"Ancient America in Notes on American Archaeology"

author - John D Baldwin

70,000 words

cost to publish - $395.00

currently financed - $0

"Confessions of Stalin's Agent"

author - Kenneth Goff

21,000 words

cost to publish - $180.00

currently financed - $0

"Germany Must Perish"

author - Theodore Kaufman

20,000 words

cost to publish - $175.00

currently financed - $0

"Abraham Lincoln and the Jews"

author - Isaac Markens

20,000 words

cost to publish - $175.00

currently financed - $0

"Tracing Our Ancestors"

author - Frederick Haberman

92,000 words

cost to publish - $520.00

currently financed - $0

"The Talmud Unmasked"

author - I B Pranatis

52,000 words

cost to publish - $295.00

currently financed - $0

"The Track of the Jew Through the Ages"

author - Alfred Rosenberg

81,000 words

cost to publish - $455.00

currently financed - $0

"Proofs of a Conspiracy"

author - John A Robison

129,000 words

cost to publish - $725.00

currently financed - $0