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Write this for a memorial in a book -Exo 17:14



All I've wanted, from the start of the OBRY Projekt, is to give whatever I am given. I will continue to make as many resources available as I am able. Time is a big factor. Although I have a great deal of articles, tools, blog posts, and audio/video materials in the works, producing them and maintaining all the various public access points is a very large, time-consuming task. I am trying to give due attention to all the various areas this project entails, so I appreciate the patience and support. I will continue to make these kinds of resources freely available for all, and all those who provide financial (or works) support will make sure I am able to produce more and more.

I have also designed an OBRY font and am currently working on a beta4 OpenType version of it. I currently have a TT version that I will allow anyone to use for personal study use only. If anyone wants the file, let us know by contact form.


Study Tools

the Bible in OBRY materials

Indexed "Hebrew" Manuscripts


Links for useful study and information

Helpful Links:

(Jon and the OBRY Projekt do not vouch for all the teachings contained in the following sites. They are for help, resources, and aid for all who may obtain it)

Surviving You Tube channels:

(Not necessarily endorsing or opposing these. Many were suggested by subscribers. You Tube is a "good info" wasteland, but they still have the best platform. It's a Shame. These aren't listed in order of importance.)

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