Studying the Hebrew Language to Reveal Biblical Truths



OBRY Projekt is committed to revealing biblical truths by understanding the Hebrew language. We produce videos on our YouTube channel regarding our work and other relevant topics. Contact us for more information.

In addition, we have character root lists, exodus charts, tribal inheritance, and directional studies, to name a few. These documents are currently designed to work in LibreOffice, but we plan on making parallels that will also work with Microsoft Word and any other similarly good word processing software. Ultimately, we hope to turn all of these into a complete Bible, History, Geography, and Science suite.

You may also check out and download a master list of Strong’s Obry Words on our website. We also have a font developed from the overall body of source-character appearance evidence. (We will shortly be providing a link).

First article coming: "The Patriarchs: the Size of Land"

Article: "The Patriarchs, Their Livestock, the LAND"

Article: "The Land of AM'RY"

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