Understanding the Language of the Old Testament


About Us

The OBRY Projekt is a small group of like-minded individuals who understood not only the theological issues between the Old and New Testament of the Bible, but were also resolved to determine the correct mode in which the Scriptures 

could be fully comprehended.

Since 2017, we've been developing tools and inviting others to use them to come to a complete understanding of what the Scripture says. The problem with our misunderstanding of the words of ALEYM (God) has led to not only the growth of untold numbers of denominations but also to a real disconnect in understanding our place in the world and the Bible itself!

If everyone knows what the Bible says, why are there so much disagreement, dissension, and even bloodshed? Isn't the Body of Christ supposed to be unified? We are taught this, but when we ask, “Why so many factions?” The answers do not satisfy. 

Understanding the Source

There are apologists, debates, polemics, and more heretic hunters than anyone could hope to keep track of. We didn't have time to hear every debate, understand every sectarian apologetic, or read plenty of books espousing every doctrine under the sun that are published yearly. We have jobs, families, and taxes. We had to go to and concentrate on the source: the Scriptures or, more exactly, the language!

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Language is an amazing tool. It's an auditory, visual, and/or written medium in which the intent of the producer is to convey, as precisely and succinctly as possible, an intent, thought, or action. The language is the message; and if the language has been mishandled or misunderstood, it can throw everything into a spin.

Therefore, we have been working tirelessly to understand the language of the so-called “Old Testament” in a complete way, as intended by its original author.

The OBRY Project is not men and women of reputation and letters. We don't have any qualms about admitting mistakes, revising, and relearning. We are those called to understand the Scripture outside of the oppressive nikkudot. We are simple but dedicated. We are the few who are coming closer to the language and true communication YEUE intended every day.

About the Founder

Jonathan Machtemes works and runs a carpentry business full-time to support his family, so time and money are issues. He collects funds so that he’ll be able to dedicate more and more time to developing tools that will put anyone with a passion for knowing the truth in a position not dominated by the Acedemocracy.

The answers Jonathan wanted were from the Holy Bible. More than 4 years ago, he began digging in ways he hasn't even heard of to find those answers.

Jonathan has no fear of the powers ruling this current age, but he is very aware that he will have no luck approaching anyone other than the regular men and women called to serve and help in this work. He is very optimistic about the days to come. YEUE and His Messiah will prevail.

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