Discovery Is As Dead As One Is Willing to Believe It Is


Uncovering Biblical Truth by Understanding the Hebrew Language

We are at one of the most frightening, confusing, and monumental periods in our known history. Thankfully, many are truly being roused from their slumber and rightfully want answers to astonishing questions such as:

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  • Why do the “Old Testament” and “New Testament” seem to have very different underlying themes?

  • Why does there seem to be discord between the testaments?

  • Why does YEUE sign all of His work with seven and yet we have a canon of 66 books?

  • Why is one country or place listed as, sometimes, three different things: Example, YUN (Strong's Hebrew Lexicon No. H3120), translated as “Javan, Grecia, Greece?”
  • Why are the concepts of “Heaven and Hell” not to be found in the “Old” Testament?

  • Why do we need the Masoretes to “standardize” Hebrew for us?

  • Did YEUE create an incomplete language?

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There are hundreds more questions like the ones mentioned above that others and we ask. We believe the answers are there and have been all along. We just need to understand the source language. We must strip away the Masoretic nikkud and start from scratch. There are many gatekeepers, even now, purporting to know and understand the source language. 

At OBRY Projekt, we are developing the tools that anyone can download and use to get to the heart of what one of the oldest and most beloved documents the world over is saying.

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Nobody is approaching the biblical Hebrew language the way we do. No one has approached the language as an elemental ideograph; they all approach it as any language today.

Nobody is code-breaking it the way we do. Using what we learned about the language with our technique, we define or look for the places and timeline of events that are mentioned in the Bible.

Mission Statement

The language of the Bible has most certainly been corrupted as have the key concepts that shape our understanding of God, Christ, His people, His plan, and all of history.

Our mission is to research the original, underlying language that is called Hebrew today using the tools we developed to come to a full and unified understanding of what the Scripture declares.

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